Did you know that hair follicle drug testing kits are available for sale online?

There is no need to go to a brick and mortar store to purchase Confirm BioSciences’ products.

We offer our customers:

  • Convenience
  • Competitive prices
  • Better product options

Customers can place their order with any of HairConfirm’s online retail partners 24 hours a day and most orders will be shipped to customers within 24 hours of an order being placed.

International orders are also available through some of our online partners.

Confirm BioSciences home hair follicle drug test kit products include:

  • HairConfirm Regular
  • HairConfirm + Prescription
  • HairConfirm Express (Includes overnight shipping to the lab)
  • HairConfirm Business
  • HairConfirm Business + Prescription

Domestic Outlets and Online Retailers

HairConfirm™ has made it possible for the public to easily obtain Confirm BioSciences over the counter products from brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers. We have partnered with US-based retailers and distributors to handle domestic orders throughout the country. Confirm BioSciences offers testing solutions like our home hair follicle drug test kits:

  • HairConfirm Regular
  • HairConfirm Prescription
  • HairConfirm Express
  • HairConfirm Business
  • HairConfirm Business + Prescription

HairConfirm™ buyers can order their home hair drug test from any domestic outlets and online retailers. Domestic retailers accommodate customers ordering hair drug tests, saliva drug tests and urine drug testing products in the United States and to APO/FPO (military bases) addresses.

NOTE: Confirm BioSciences is not in any way responsible or held liable for delayed or lost product shipment due to incompetency of delivery companies or mishandling of packages in customs.

Return time of samples to US laboratories may vary pertaining to international orders.

Partnership Programs

HairConfirm™ has made it possible to easily access our home hair follicle testing kits across the United States through our Partnership Programs. Experienced and new entrepreneurs alike are welcome to join HairConfirm’s growing teams of distributors and retailers.


Hair drug testing kits are shipped to our partner entities in the United States. Retailers such as grocery stores, pharmacies and even individual online retailers throughout the country have partnered with HairConfirm™. Distributors are very much welcome to partner with our company to facilitate quicker delivery and distribution of our hair follicle drug test kits to retailers throughout the country.

HairConfirm™ offers the following affordable hair drug test kits to distributors and retailers at wholesale prices, thereby affording all partners the opportunity for great sales and profitable transactions.

HairConfirm™ offers two types of partnership programs: HAIRretail™ Program and HAIRdistributor™ Program

HAIRretail™ Program

HAIRretail™ Program is open for entities who would like to sell our products on a retail basis. We ship our products directly to retailers such as pharmacies, grocery stores and online retailers throughout North America. If you are interested in selling our products, we will distribute wholesale to your retail operation so that you can enjoy the same kind of great sales that our existing retailers do.

HAIRdistributor™ Program

HAIRdistributor™ Program is open for entities who would like to distribute our products to retailers across the United States and even across the globe.

Joining our partnership program is quite easy. Initially you will have to provide us the following information:
  • Your financial status and condition
  • Distribution channel(s) you’re interested in

Please fill out the following form for initial processing of your request.

  • After submission of your request, a qualified HairConfirm™ representative will contact you to discuss the partnership program you are interested in.
  • For those interested in becoming distributors or resellers, kindly fill out our Credit Application Form too.
  • You may call us at toll-free at 1-888-5-CONFIRM or email us at info@hairconfirm.com.