HairConfirm® can be purchased from a number of online retailers or at a pharmacy near you.

HairConfirm® Kit Contents

HairConfirm® Box
Includes all the necessary contents to send your hair sample to the lab
Hair Specimen Bag
Insert foil containing hair sample into specimen bag
Hair Sample Collection Instructions
Step-by-step details for how to use HairConfirm®
Hair Specimen Transport Foil
Hair sample must be placed in foil for analysis
Hair Specimen Envelope
Place foil with hair sample into specimen envelope
Specimen ID Card
Includes ID number and passcode for registration
Prepaid Shipping Envelope
Place specimen bag in shipping envelope for delivery to lab

Hair vs. Urine Drug Testing

Hair Drug Test Urine Drug Test
Type of Test Lab confirmation Instant preliminary
Number of Panels 10 or 14 1 or 4
Wait Time for Results Generally 3-9 Days 5 Minutes
Results Delivery Private online account On-the-spot
Ideal For Parents, educators, counselors Anyone
Other Requirements *Lab fee sold separately Confirmation test not included

What is Hair Drug Testing?

Hair drug testing is unlike over-the-counter urine drug testing which only offers preliminary findings. HairConfirm® provides you with 100% accurate GC/MS laboratory confirmed results that you can have at your fingertips through a private online portal.

For more information about how to use HairConfirm®, take a look at our FAQs.

How to Collect a Hair Sample