1.5 million parents have brought home peace of mind with HairConfirm®. For over a decade, HairConfirm® has encouraged trust and open communication between parents and their children.

No one knows your child better than you, so it’s natural to wonder if they might be using drugs. When you use a home hair drug test, your child’s identity will always be protected. We created HairConfirm® so you could take matters into your own hands from the privacy of your own home.

Our Laboratory Promise

HairConfirm® promises unquestionable accuracy. There is zero margin for error when it comes to your child’s safety, which is why our laboratory meets the highest drug testing standards. Our test site deploys skilled technicians and modern technology to help restore your faith in your family. That what’s HairConfirm® is all about.

Our Standards

Be Informed.

Talking about drug abuse is a real challenge. HairConfirm® ensures you're always in the know, even if your child won't open up to you.

Build Trust.

Connect with your child and encourage meaningful conversations with them.

Stay Confidential.

What happens at home should stay at home. Your HairConfirm® results are provided to you (and only you).

Rest Assured.

Testing positive for drugs is no laughing matter, which is why our lab uses the most accurate procedures available.

HairConfirm® is a Confirm BioSciences brand. Confirm BioSciences is a leading provider of high-quality diagnostic immunoassays and health & wellness testing.

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