Our Background

Confirm BioSciences is a global on-site supplier of drug testing products for various businesses and organizations. HairConfirm™ specializes in hair follicle drug testing and is one of Confirm BioSciences proprietary products along with SalivaConfirm® saliva drug test kits and DrugConfirm™ urine drug testing kits. Located in San Diego, California, this women-owned business has established a leading and reputable international distribution network with prominence in North America, Europe and Australia since operation began in 2008.

Our Expertise

Confirm BioSciences has provided millions of drug screening services and products including our hair follicle drug test kits to companies like Fortune 500 clients and large government contracts. Small and large organizations in all industry categories around the world will attest to the reliable products and services we offer.

Our Standards

Confirm BioSciences is proud of bringing satisfaction to the demands of the ever-changing drug testing industry.
There are four core values upon which our company operates:


Our products aim at providing pioneering solutions for the drug testing needs of our partner companies. We make use of various R&D programs, productions processes and patent-pending solutions. Revolutionary drug testing products are also one of the target outputs of our company including our HairConfirm Hair Follicle Drug Tests.


Confirm BioSciences’ growing reputation is a result of our thorough and world-class customer service and management teams. Our excellent customer service teams help clients experience satisfaction with not only our products but also the services they rely on for their business’ establishment, maintenance and growth.


Confirm BioSciences believes that quality should not be sacrificed for affordability. It is our company’s goal to leverage all available market resources so our customers may enjoy cost-effective products and solutions. You can rest assured that our hair drug test kits are affordable and valuable to your organization.


Our commitment goes beyond basic drug testing services. We try our best to provide unparalleled services and support to all of our customers. We combine technical expertise, quality products and comprehensive business strategies to assure we are providing an essential partnership with businesses that goes beyond the profits. We are making large strides as a major global supplier of rapid in-vitro diagnostic devices. One of our main objectives is to become the industry leader for drug testing solutions and services.
Confirm BioSciences Team

Our Staff

Our team of well-trained and experienced individuals are committed to providing excellence. Our staff consists of information specialists, account managers and logistic managers who are focused on offering testing and screening services that will satisfy each client we work with. These are problem-solvers who are willing to provide unwavering customer satisfaction to all clients.

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Benefits of Confirm BioSciences

Drug and alcohol testing is now an important requirement in pre-employment, drug treatment, correctional/judicial settings and extra-curricular school organizations. By allowing our team to assist you with these drug-testing services, your organization will enjoy these great advantages:

  • Fast and accurate results using FDA-approved drug test kits including hair follicle drug test kits.
  • Nationwide access to products and services.
  • Online ordering, training and confidential test results.
  • Competitive pricing based on aggregate volume.
  • Excellent customer service – Quick response and single point of contact for all services.

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Contact Information

Confirm BioSciences
10123 Carroll Canyon Rd
San Diego, CA 92131
Tel: 888-526-6347

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