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10 Reasons Why You Should (Or Should Not) Ask To Test Your Spouse

Testing of any sort can strain a relationship. It brings up many trust issues and could potentially open a can of worms that you are not prepared to deal with. However, hair drug testing can be a life saver and open your eyes to truths about your partner that may have otherwise been kept hidden. Here are some compelling reasons to incorporate hair drug testing into your life:

1. Hair Drug Testing Can Be Life Saving
Depending on the type of test you want your partner to take, it may very well be life saving. A drug test can catch a problem before it accelerates.

2. Hair Drug Testing Is Not Expensive
Most tests that you can use at home are not very expensive and are easy to obtain. One of the best reasons to ask your partner to undergo certain tests is because it is so easy to do so.

3. Hair Drug Testing Can Make You Closer
If your partner goes along very willingly with the whole testing process and if you undergo testing as well, it can really make you closer as a couple. Knowing you are both healthy is important and addressing issues at their onset is also important.

4. Hair Drug Testing Adds A Layer of Comfort
It is helpful and comforting to know how your partner is doing. This applies to general health concerns and to drug use. If you plan on spending your life with this person, it is vital to be comfortable with one another and that is what testing can provide.

5. Hair Drug Testing Can Get You Out of Unhealthy Territory
Taking a simple test can help you detect problems early so you can seek treatment. The key to a long and happy life is early detection of diseases and prevention. Tests like kidney tests, hepatitis tests and even drug tests can help your partner and you address any issues that may be present before they become bigger problems.

6. Hair Drug Testing Shows You Think Ahead
Lets say you want to have kids with this person some day. It is important to plan ahead in this regard. If there is some disease or condition that would prevent you from having children safely, it needs to be found out now.

7. Hair Drug Testing is Considerate
Undergoing testing in a relationship is just plain considerate. It shows that you are both committed and willing to lay it all on the line for one another.

8. Hair Drug Testing Reveals People’s True Nature
If your partner gets very upset about the prospect of having a test done or flat out refuses without even discussing it, you have grounds for suspicion. If you are going to be in a relationship with this person for life, you deserve full disclosure.

9. Hair Drug Testing is Responsible
Agreeing to testing of any sort is responsible and the adult thing to do. When in a relationship with someone, your livelihood is dependent on each other – meaning the health of the other person is vitally important.

10. Hair Drug Testing Shows You Care
Who would ask someone to go through a test if they did not care about them? Asking your spouse to undergo testing of any sort shows you have a genuine concern for this person. They should not be offended.




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