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Some of the Deadliest Drugs May Actually Be Obtained From Your Doctor

Here’s a familiar narrative — a person you know falls victim to some kind of trauma. Perhaps this person is a close relative, like your uncle. He’s been coping with tremendous lower back pain for months after a devastating car accident. Finally, with unrelenting pressure, you convince him to visit your family doctor, who prescribes…
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Drug Abuse and How It Affects Your Child's Brain Development

While pregnant, women take extra precautions in order to protect the baby growing inside of them. Prenatal exposure to harmful substances puts the fetus in danger of developmental defects. Fetal brain development is particularly complex and vulnerable to every specific damage from maternal drug abuse depending on the timing, dosage and frequency of drug exposure.…
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Signs of Drug Use In Your Teen

  By: Jean M. Van Booven Shook, Regional Specialist, 4-H YouthJackson County, Missouri  It is normal for teens to experience a wide variety of behaviors and moods, and this can make it difficult for parents to realize the difference between what may be normal teenage behavior and what may signal substance abuse. Here are some…
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10 Reasons Why You Should (Or Should Not) Ask To Test Your Spouse

Testing of any sort can strain a relationship. It brings up many trust issues and could potentially open a can of worms that you are not prepared to deal with. However, hair drug testing can be a life saver and open your eyes to truths about your partner that may have otherwise been kept hidden.…
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10 Things You Need to Know About Drug Testing Your Teenager

Drug testing is one of those things that can be a real touchy subject. This is especially the case when it involves teenagers, yours in particular. But with some planning and thinking ahead, you can successfully incorporate drug testing into your family’s life. So before you go out to buy the drug test kits, here…
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