Myths About Hair Drug Testing Cheating

Hair drug testing is the drug testing method that is used in most of the forensic investigations as secondary methods after a urinalysis, also known as  urine drug testing.

It has been observed that, out of natural tendency, accused drug users often try to pass a drug test by illegitimate or unfair means. As a common practice, they try to cheat on the testing techniques. With an ever increasing “cheat-o-pedia” on the internet, drug abusers have easy access to “reliable” ways of “fooling” the drug tests! A little bit of “Google-ing” will show you that the easiest way to do so is to contaminate or adulterate the samples by using various chemicals or by changing the internally stored drug metabolites by detoxification directly!

Urine Drug Test Adulteration

So, one may adulterate the urine samples, contaminating it by several means, for example, by:

    • Adding various drug modifying chemicals or detoxifying agents to the samples
    • Adding water to their urine sample
    • Physically denaturing the samples by heat
    • Replacing their urine with another donors, or even switch it out for fake urine

    But, in the case of hair drug testing techniques, the collectors have ways of ensuring they are receiving a real, accurate sample! It is virtually impossible to cheat a hair drug test. This is due to the fact that the drug metabolites are entrapped within the hair cortex, and no one can damage the cortex (not unless one goes bald!).

    Some people at times even try to wash out the drug metabolites stored inside the core shaft of the hair fiber, by cleansing with a so-called “drug detox shampoo”, chemical substances, hair dye or bleach and various other means but these are people who didn’t Google enough to know that none of this is of any help, because the metabolites are stored inside the hair shaft and all of the above methods only effect the outside of the hair shaft.

    Although, some chemicals are believed to penetrate into the cortex and destroy the metabolites by dissolving them (sadly, we are not going to name these chemicals!), these reports have not been validated with any substantiated results! To further dismay of drug abusers, soaking hair in a drug solution or in any detoxifying agent has been proven to be incapable of changing hair drug test results.

    Some really intelligent people may try to “explain” their positive results by citing the usage of some over-the-counter or prescription drugs, which can cause a false positive in the urinalysis! But this is not an issue with hair follicle drug testing, as after the drug screening, the MRO can look for the particular drug metabolites using highly accurate techniques like gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

    Moral of the Story: If you are an abuser & if you are going to live through both hair & urine drug tests simultaneously, don’t search any further, you have got no chance of escaping! The only surefire way of guaranteeing you pass your random drug test or pre-employment drug test is by not using any drugs in the first place.


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