Everything You Need To Know About Cocaine Abuse

cocaine abuse effects dangers

Cocaine is an extremely powerful addictive stimulant substance that is made from the leaves of the coca plant native to South America. Its effect can be useful as a local anesthetic for surgery. However, it has become labelled as an illegal drug mainly due to the rise in notoriety of cocaine abuse. What is Cocaine? …

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Some of the Deadliest Drugs May Actually Be Obtained From Your Doctor

Prescription Opioids

Here’s a familiar narrative — a person you know falls victim to some kind of trauma. Perhaps this person is a close relative, like your uncle. He’s been coping with tremendous lower back pain for months after a devastating car accident. Finally, with unrelenting pressure, you convince him to visit your family doctor, who prescribes …

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Study: Parents in denial, despair as teens’ drug use grows

Published August 16, 2007 WASHINGTON (AP) — Teenagers say drug problems at school are getting worse, and parents express doubts about ever making such schools drug free, a new study says. The percentage of teens who say they attend high schools with drug problems has increased from 44 percent to 61 percent since 2002, and …

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Teen Meth Abuse May Lead to Long-Term Brain Disorders

Published August 14th, 2007 Young adults who use methamphetamine could be more prone to age-related brain diseases long after they stop using the drug, according to new animal research published Tuesday. Scientists were working on the previous hypothesis that early meth abuse can cause the same symptoms as those experienced by Parkinson’s disease patients who …

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